Over the past ten years, we have worked with some of San Francisco's and Bay Area top brands to produce engaging and compelling content that elevated their brand and delivered clear and influential messages. Through our video production experience and artistic vision, we are confident that we can help your brand amplify your online presence, promote your product, and engage your audience.

Corporate Video Production in San Francisco

Getting the best corporate video production in San Francisco is what makes the distinction between IQVideo and a commonplace production company. IQvideo provides excellence in the end product delivery and ensures that you reach your prospective target audience with the right means of communication. For more than ten years, several of the nation’s top tier companies have engaged our services to enhance their interaction with the world through creative cinematography and remarkable storytelling.

We will work closely with your company on commercial, conference sizzle, testimonial videos and event live streaming in San Francisco to ensure that you get the most engaging and alluring content that our target audience will not only relate with but appreciate and enjoy.

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The Power of Professional Corporate Event Videography in San Francisco

Event video production is a service that any company can claim to offer, but getting the best corporate event video production in San Francisco and related services are professional needs that only experienced evidence-based specialists can provide. The best video production that scintillates with professional radiance is only gotten with a precise amount of research into commercial marketability for its intended purpose. The final product of conference live videos, event sizzle videos and interviews need to have the ability to create the right amount of arousal and appeal to create a consequential impact.

To achieve this, you need a company that can show you their evidence-based results and proven track record of Television station quality studio equipment and services to communicate the intended message with a tone and quality that is second to none. In most cases, a company that can help you achieve this quality and greatness is what sets you apart and enables you to establish a quality benchmark for the whole industry.

Our video production workflow:

Let’s break it down into the two most common video requests we receive:

Company video or promo video production:

Most of the time, these videos consist of two main parts: the interview, which is the narrative of the video, the story, and the b-roll, which is the complementing footage. For example, if we were to film a short video about a brewery, we would want some footage of the brewery itself, perhaps some footage of the process, staff, beer, etc.

You’ve established that you want a video about your brand. The next part is figuring out the narrative. Think about what you want to say, who is your target audience, and how you want them to feel about your brand after they’ve watched the video. Put together a list of questions, for example: how did you start your company? What drives you? What are you passionate about? Or you can talk about your product and why it’s different or better?

The next part is establishing the location and time for the shoot.

Location, for the most part, would be the natural work environment, be it the office, home, or some outdoor location. The time is essential because of two factors: lighting and sound.

For a lot of outdoor shots, the footage looks best towards the evening, during the gold hour. These are the eye candy shots. These might be irrelevant if the entire shoot is done indoors. In this case, time is not as important. For the interview part of the video, it’s good to have some sunlight coming from a window, showing it’s bright outside.

Sound-wise, you simply don’t want too much noise. If that means shooting after work hours, when the office is almost empty, or early morning before everyone arrived. Or maybe during the day, when traffic is lower and the noise coming from the street is reduced.

Once we’ve figured out what the video is about, b-roll footage should come naturally. If your video is about a product or a process - then we’ll be filming exactly that. If the video is about a service that you provide - then you probably want some footage of that. At the end of the day, you want your viewer to connect with you or your product or service, both through your story and visuals.

Event, Summit Or Convention Video Production in San Francisco:

Most events don’t require extensive pre-production. The event is set, the location is known, all that is left is record the sessions, panel discussions and some fun footage of attendees. Sounds pretty straightforward? Well, kind of. This kind of thinking might result in a pretty boring and uncomplying visual representation of the event. Instead, creating concept shots, directing, using tools like time-lapse and stop motion videos will result in a much more comprehensive and fun to watch event video.

About the founder

Alex Kohn, the founder of IQvideo, has produced, directed hundreds of projects in the areas of corporate communications, San Francisco event live streaming conferences and conventions for some of the world’s most recognizable companies.

With more than 10 years of experience, Alex has a strong understanding of the needs and sensitivities of the corporate culture and he firmly holds true the philosophy that corporate video doesn’t have to be boring. He is always looking for new and exciting approaches to projects and has produced and directed on a wide array of projects.

Alex specializes in live-event videos of conferences and convention video production in San Francisco. He also produces CEO and C-Suite messaging, corporate documentaries, corporate identity, social responsibility, social media content, internal corporate communications, and training videos.

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