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Client testimonials and interview videos that we were ablate produce at our San Francisco Videography studio, are some of the most powerful tools for a company to receive genuine feedback and establish client - company trust. When someone watches a client testimonial, they get a real review of a service or product. It gives them an insight into someone's experience with that company or brand.

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Examples of Interviews and Testimonial Videos

Client testimonials and interview video production process

At first glance, an interview or a testimonial video might look pretty straightforward. You have your subject, just point your camera, throw a lapel and start shooting. But more often than not, things are a bit more complicated.

There are too many things to list, but some of the most common things to consider are:

The space - are we shooting indoors or outdoors? Is it a noisy or quiet environment? Is it windy? If indoors, how big or small is the space.

The light - if we're filming outside, how is the weather? What time of day and where will the sun be? We don't want our talent to look directly at the sun. If we're filming inside, is there natural light, fluorescent light or spotlight?

The composition - what are we trying to convey with this video and what is the atmosphere? Light and airy, dramatic, serious? What kind of background do you want for a perfect corporate video production San Francisco?

The talent - are they comfortable in front of a camera? What will they be wearing? Do they wear glasses? Do they need a teleprompter?

Even the smallest production can be complex. We've shot in hotel rooms with limited space and time, with noise coming form the window. And we've shot in action packed warehouses that don't stop their production no matter what, with mixed lighting and high noise levels.

And then there is the editing...