Based in San Francisco, we are an experienced team of video production veterans that has the capability of managing every aspect of your production. For more than 10 years, we've been producing and filming pieces featuring live action corporate meetings, industry conventions, interviews and testimonials. We have produced and shot in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Arizona, Nevada, Texas and NY.

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IQvideo is a video production agency in San Francisco, specializing in event videography, conventions, interviews, and testimonial videos.

Over the past few years we've been lucky enough to work with some of the most innovative companies in the Bay Area and the world. Please take a look at our demo reel and some of the other projects we worked on recently.

Our Services: Conference Events Videography In San Francisco

Pre production, scripting, lighting, DP, aerial videography, audio recording, teleprompter, writing/creative services, post production/editing, graphic design, photography, animation, even makeup.

We carry full production insurance and can provide insurance certificates in a speedy manner.

Throughout the years, we have worked with top-level executives and VIPs. We handle ourselves in a professional manner from the way we dress to the way in which we respectfully speak to our clients. We are always on-time and there are never complications.

If you have a full project coming up or are in need of a video crew in the San Francisco Bay Area, we would like to work with you.


Over the years, we've filmed dozens of C-Suite executives including CEO's of eBay, Square and many more. From our involvement, here are a few best practices we follow to guarantee success:


Sometimes, the client who takes us into the project has never produced a video before or they are nervous about working with a new producer. We make it a practice to take the time to describe to our clients how the process works. Above all, we want them to feel relaxed and self-confident that everything will go easily. This puts them at ease and we find that an educated client makes for a great production partner.


We only work with brilliant, skilled professionals who bring value to our corporate video production in San Francisco. We’re making important films and it’s imperative that each member of the crew knows their role and knows how to do it well. We always handle ourselves in a humble, professional manor. We dress suitably. We ask the client earlier what is proper dress code and make sure the crew follows suit.

Proper Preparation

There is no better recipe for disaster than having to rush. We continuously make sure there is plenty of period to unload, set up, test, and tweak. It’s better to be ready earlier than having to scramble. There are variables that come into play that you just have to deal with. Over the years, we've worked with knowledgeable street construction with jackhammers, police actions with sirens, power outages, cleaning crews in the way, and so on. When something along these lines happens, you need time to figure out a plan B so we always allow plenty of time for setup.


Corporate executives are too busy people. More often than not, they are ready to leave before they arrive. We like to know in advance how much time we have to work with them and we plan a strategy for getting done with the script in the set timeframe. We like to tell our subject that we have them scheduled for x amount of time and also then ask them how we're doing with the schedule. What was supposed to be a thirty minute session may now really be a fifteen-minute window before they have to run out and deal with the next thing. We use this as a chance to measure how receptive they may be to multiple takes.

Multiple Takes

If we don't think the take was as good as it could be, we will let you know, always in a reverent way. It’s our job to make the people we film look better. If we need additional take, we suggest that. We ask them to watch the playback and if they are good with it, then so are we. Nine out of ten times they are comfortable to reshoot. More footage results in more editing flexibility.